Field Services

We have fully trained technicians and a modern fleet of service vehicles fully equipped with leading edge technology ready to address your at-site needs such as:

  • Laser Alignment
  • Field Balancing
  • Predictive Maintenance - Condition Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Installation and Removal

Technicians are also trained and certified in safety requirements.

We ask you to give us an opportunity to respond to your on-site service needs to prove ourselves to you.

Laser Alignment
Laser Allignment

Our computer aided laser alignment systems and our highly trained technicians will assure workmanship of high quality with accuracy solving your on-site rotating equipment alignment problems. Some examples are:

  • Motor to pump alignment
  • Machine train alignments (motor to gearbox to pump - up to 14 linked machines)
  • Vertical alignments
  • Soft foot measurement, diagnosis and correction
  • Address thermal growth calculations as necessary

Field Balancing

Our field balancing technicians are fully trained in dynamic balancing techniques and specifications. Corrections are made through weight removal and/or addition. They are equipped with portable welding equipment to insure the job quality.

Predictive Maintenance - Condition Monitoring

Most rotating equipment failures don't just happen. They develop slowly over time, almost imperceptibly, as a result of friction... imbalance... and wear.

Today, F. H. Ayer -- one of the Midwest's premier industrial services experts -- offers complete on-site monitoring and predictive maintenance. Through the use of computer aided systems and on-site equipment, our technicians can identify, analyze and head off problems that will cause you costly down time.

The condition monitoring system is precise and accurate. It measures the key elements of the equipment performance: dynamic vibration, temperature, acceleration and high frequency rolling sound. Minute changes are noted and analyzed, then used to establish a written maintenance program to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance

Our technicians are available to do periodic open and inspection upon request. We also inspect support equipment and systems.

Installation and Removal

As a fully equipped service facility, F. H. Ayer is able to handle all aspects of installation and removal. Our field technicians will remove and install your equipment with care and accuracy. They will identify if a new foundation or base is needed, or if a repair to it is sufficient. Our machining department can make the necessary repairs or manufacture the new base, and our rotating department will recondition the unit to proper specifications.

From start to finish, F. H. Ayer is the only vendor you need to call.

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